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Pool Safely Educational Video

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Safe Kids USA and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance has released a new Pool Safely educational video. The video highlights seven simple steps that everyone should take to keep kids safe in and around the pool and spa.

Make the rest of the summer not only fun but safe by checking out the Pool Safely Video:


The Trouble with Water Wings

You may have heard an instructor at SwimJim discourage a parent from using water wings, or arm floaties.  There are several important reasons we, and many other swim instruction and water safety organizations feel strongly that water wings, or floaties are not a good choice.

Although inflatable armbands are popular among small children, water wings are not a life-saving device; they will not prevent a child from accidentally going under water and potentially drowning.  Remember, water wings can slip off or easily deflate.  Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of water wings is the possibility of the adult responsible for supervising the swimmers and the swimmer themselves to become lulled into a feeling of safety.  Inflatable armbands are patented as toys, not safety equipment. Mistaking them for such can create a potentially fatal situation.

Finally, inflatable armbands teach children an improper vertical position in the water, instead of the correct horizontal swimming posture. As the instructor begins working on back floating, the first step in water-safety training and swim instruction, your child may feel uncomfortable and resist working in the horizontal position.  She may also be unused to water splashing across her face or getting into her ears – common problems with a child that is used to the head being high and dry, while rest of the body is in the pool below her.  Feeling comfortable with rolling to their back and floating is the single most important aspect of a child’s being safe in an unexpected water situation.

Try using a swim noodle in place of wings.  The benefit is that the child can better understand that they and the noodle are separate, while children may not always understand that the floaties are the reason for their floating.   The noodle also helps to engage the deltoids and scapula in the upper back, muscles and bones that are important in swimming.

Have a safe summer – and we will see you in the pool!