About Us

SwimJim's History

Even as a young Texan boy our Founder & C.E.O., Jim Spiers had swimming in his blood. He was swimming and diving at the age of 3. At the age of 17, Jim began teaching, coaching and managing pools. While Houston was considered home, New York was in his heart. Jim packed up, and brought his unique brand of childhood aquatic education to the Big Apple.

Always a student of the sport, and wanting to improve his knowledge and skills, Jim would travel annually to the training headquarters of United States Olympians- the Olympic Training Center. It was there he cultivated a relationship with US Olympian, Catherine Fox. Both with the focus of safer swimming and elite swim education began developing and, still to this day, refining SwimJim’s aquatic programming for children and adults.

Now, 40 years later, Jim is still in the water…teaching! And 20 years later, SwimJim is still the leading aquatics education program for thousands of children and adults in New York and Houston, Texas.


SwimJim believes that swimming is a healthy and life-saving skill all children and adults should learn. We think everyone learns swimming skills best in a friendly, loving and fun environment where they feel safe and at-ease. This enables a student to learn basic and advanced swimming skills, and will help family members feel comfortable when a swimmer is in or near water.

We also believe that the best sort of recreation is also educational. Thus we also believe that students benefit from a structured, progressive program and coaching to overcome fears, build self-esteem and grow.

Our mission is to provide students with the absolute best aquatic education possible, and to educate families about water safety and aquatic learning. Swimming is an invaluable life-saving skill that students will rely on in dangerous situations throughout their life.

Family participation is critical because continued support and development outside the formal swim class setting increases physical strength, self esteem and water safety awareness. Swimming is a family activity and we believe the whole family should participate.

As professional swim teachers, we value our vocation because it gives our students a life skill, teaches social skills, increases self-esteem, gives a sense of accomplishment and is fun. We love it. That is the reward for our dedication, discipline and constant evaluation and improvement to our programs.

Our Program

SwimJim, Inc.’s teaching methodology is a safe, thoughtful, ordered approach to swimming, cultivating proficiency in a number of strokes. We believe the success with which our current and past students navigate the water proves our program’s effectiveness.

The most important aspect of our teaching process is our disciplined but loving dedication to getting children in and comfortable with the water. We are thoughtful and observant of student’s behavioral and developmental patterns, and will never scare or intimidate a student. We will respond to their fears and concerns with love, humor and discipline, while guiding them through the necessary steps to become independent, competent swimmers.

We deeply enjoy helping with children with special needs and development issues. They are some of our favorite and best students! The aquatic environment can provide them with a unique athletic experience other sports cannot.

This firm, loving approach is the hallmark of SwimJim.

Our Team

Jim Spiers and the other teachers of SwimJim are the most recognized swimming instructors in New York and Houston. Each team member brings a unique but complementary style of interaction and education to parents, children or training, while maintaining the standards and quality of our proven methodology.

All members of the SwimJim team belong to the United States Swim School Association (USSSA), a professional organization of swimming teachers and business owners in the US and abroad. All instructors are certified by the USSSA and maintain their skills and teaching knowledge at annual and local conferences.

All team members are currently certified in CPR and although not required by law, all teachers are certified in First Aid. SwimJim is also a member of the World Aquatic Babies Congress and regularly participates in research and events to further educate our staff about our smallest students.

Finally, water safety and drowning prevention education is a cornerstone of every daily activity at SwimJim. We are belong to the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation and make the Safer 3 Program a part of our individual and collective community outreach.

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