Advanced Swimming Classes and Programs

Prerequisite: Students who have completed the SwimStars class or have the necessary skills equal to SwimStars
Skills Attained:
* Advances in emotional and physical development
* Learn spatial awareness
* Perfect freestyle and backstroke while working further on butterfly
* Introduce breaststroke

This program is an extension of SwimStars.  Students continue to gain strength but are not quite ready to advance to SwimWinners.  Swimmers continue to develop an understanding of how to utilize the water for proper stroke technique. Swimmers students perfect freestyle and backstroke. Expanding the child’s subconscious awareness of the aquatic environment is the emphasis of this course. Children will improve comfort, efficiency and develop spatial awareness in the water. They are now learning how to manipulate their “center of buoyancy” (i.e. lungs) in accordance with their core body strength for propulsion in breaststroke, underwater dolphin kick, and butterfly. Arm strokes and gross motor skills become more efficient. Dives and streamlines are refined. 6 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Prerequisite: 6 years old and older and are able to participate in the full One-hour class. Students must have completed the Swimmers class or have the necessary skills equal to a Swimmer

Skills Attained:
* Strengthening the technique of all four competitive strokes
* Cultivate proper dives and turns

Students six years and older learn breaststroke and refine all competitive strokes.  Swimmers apply and coordinate balance, buoyancy, and body position to improve efficiency and hydrodynamics. Through continued emphasis on strengthening the core body, children gain the benefits of improved posture on land and in the water. Connecting arm propulsion to core body strength is highlighted. Proper dives and turns are practiced. This is a one-hour class with a 8 to 2 student/teacher ratio.

Prerequisite: 8 years old and older/Enrollment by instructor invitation only/One-hour class

Skills Attained:
* Making all strokes stronger, faster, and more efficient
* Learn wall work, turns, and starts

By this level,  your child will now be proficient in freestyle and backstroke and skilled in breaststroke and butterfly. Students learn how to refine their body positioning to improve hydrodynamic states. Children learn how to effectively incorporate their arms, utilizing the momentum of the stroke to its maximum. With the emphasis of our program being centered on the core body, skills and drills are still practiced to strengthen the abdominal wall. Proper starts, wall work, turns and finishes are practiced. Endurance is gained. This is a one-hour class with a 15 to 2 student/teacher ratio.