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The Benefits of Cold Water Swimming: Why You Should Try It

With the recent surge in its popularity, cold water swimming – otherwise known as winter swimming or cold therapy – is definitely worth considering. It might appear intimidating to jump into freezing waters at first glance, but there are numerous … Read More

Swimming in Open Water: A Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Open Water Swimming

Plunge into the deep blue and explore the rewarding sensation of swimming in open water! While it can be an exhilarating experience, make sure to remain vigilant as you navigate challenges and risks. Regardless if you are a veteran or … Read More

3 Reasons Why a Clean, Balanced Pool Is a Safer Pool

Pools make swimming accessible to just about anyone. They’re the perfect setting to have a lot of fun. Safety is an essential part of swimming, and part of pool safety is ensuring the water is clean and balanced before you … Read More

Tips for Helping Your Child Feel Confident for Their First Day of Swim Lessons

So you’ve signed your child up for swim lessons. That’s great! Swim lessons teach children how to swim along with water safety skills that can reduce their risk of drowning. Of course, starting something new is often an uncomfortable experience, … Read More

Best and Worst Colors for Your Child’s New Swimsuit

Children grow fast. It seems like they’re always outgrowing their clothes. Despite the stretchiness and flexibility swimsuits inherently have, your child’s going to need a new one at some point. If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, you … Read More

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe When Swimming

Swimming is a classic summer activity. It’s a great way to stay physically active and it’s a ton of fun! For all the fun you and your kids can have while swimming, it can also be dangerous, especially for kids. … Read More

Wetsuit Zipper Options

The Basics of Wetsuit Zipper Options

There’s one thing that anyone who swims in cold water needs, whether they are surfing, swimming, or diving: a wetsuit. Don’t choose just any wetsuit though. Choose the wetsuit that is right for the conditions you’ll be exposed to. There … Read More

Dog Swim in My Pool

Is It Okay for My Dog to Swim in My Pool?

Dogs and pools each have the potential to bring so much joy to their owners. As someone who owns both, you may wonder if it’s okay for your dog to swim in your pool. You love your dog, and if … Read More

Natural Hot Springs

How Do I Use Natural Hot Springs Safely?

We’re well into winter and the cold weather that comes with it. If you’re not into cold weather swimming despite its benefits, but still want to enjoy the water, try soaking in a natural hot spring instead. Natural hot springs … Read More

New Year's Resolutions

Great New Year’s Resolutions for Swimmers

We’ve officially launched into 2023. Did you make New Year’s resolutions? If you haven’t, it’s not too late! You can still make resolutions that enable you to improve in various areas of your life, including swimming. While you should always … Read More