Just Keep Swimming! A Collection of Relatable Swimming Memes

Swimming. It’s something most of us love right from the start.


Babies often seem to love the water. Maybe it’s because they’re used to it after floating in fluid for nine months, or maybe there’s just something in our DNA that makes us wish we had gills. DNA wishing for different DNA. Now that’s trippy.


…And some of us (or some creatures) just hate.


Although one way or another, we all end up with our faces in the water at some point, whether we like it or not. I suppose that could be because of that DNA-wishing thing, but more likely it’s because someone thinks it’s funny to push people into the pool.


But one thing is for sure:

And let’s face it, there is something innately hilarious about forcing someone else to swim when they aren’t expecting it, even if we’re liable to get splashed.


Everyone has some feelings about swimming.

Some of us are a little competitive when we get in the water–perhaps too much so, because water play should be practiced safely!


Maybe you’re the competitive type…

Swimming sure can wear you out. I prefer all swimming sessions to end with pizza, calories be darned.


And you work yourself to death at being the best.

Guys, swimming can be SO HARD. I love it but I hate it. There’s a hashtag in there somewhere.


Or maybe you just like to goof around in the pool.

Looking weird is a normal part of everyone’s pool experience, right? Or is that just me? Oh, this is awkward now…


Maybe it’s about the exercise you can get, which is really excellent and comprehensive…


I do wish that I had the energy to swim more purely to help my body out, not just to splash passersby.

Maybe you enjoy being the toughest athlete, and the bragging rights you earn at practice…

funny swimming meme with Willy Wonka

Who else do you know that works as hard as a swimmer? You’re basically a superhero. Everyone knows Nick Fury will be knocking on your door to recruit you any day now.

Or it’s possible that you find it relaxing…

Because sometimes you feel more at peace floating in the water. I can’t speak as to why that is, but it seems to be a pretty universal feeling for most people.


Maybe too relaxing…

“But the most wonderful thing about swimmers is I’m the only one. Iiiiiii’m the only one!” seems appropriate here.


Or maybe you want to show off your sweet moves.

Because everyone needs some sweet moves under their belt for emergency diving competitions. Right?

Plus, it’s a great way to get noticed by the ladies…

Napolian Dynamite meme

If you can swim, you can get a date. Girls aren’t that scary…

Maybe you don’t know why you love the pool

Although jumping on people like a wild animal and having it be socially acceptable is always a good enough reason for me…


Or you hate the pool after all.

Friends don’t let friends not go swimming.

Or maybe you’re afraid you won’t be good at it.

Swimming meme with dog

Anyone can learn to swim! And who wouldn’t want to be more like man’s best friend? Everyone loves puppies. Puppies love swimming. Therefore, everyone loves swimming . . . right?

Seriously though, anyone can learn how to swim… even if you belong to the dark side or don’t have the powers of a Jedi.

Star Wars swimming meme

They say exercise has a positive impact on coordination and brainpower . . . I wonder if swimming workouts would help improve their aim?

Although, a few adjustments may need to be made for maximum results.

Star Wars shaving meme

Have you ever wondered why swimmers wear tight caps and are virtually hairless everywhere else? Maybe Chewbacca can answer that for us…

The good news is that if you want it, water is always there for whatever reason you need it. As Dory reminds us, “just keep swimming…”

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Tough guy swimming meme

If these classic swimming memes haven’t convinced you to learn the greatest sport in the world, then I don’t know what will. Maybe we should show another picture of Michael Phelps’ abs . . . 

Wait, what was I saying again? Oh, right . . .

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