Water Safety Rules

Safety Rules 1. Take swim lessons. 2. Never swim alone. 3. Swim only where there is qualified supervision. A supervisor should know: a. CPR b. First Aid c. Rescue procedures d. Have a cordless phone poolside. 4. Never leave toys … Read More

Helpful Hints for Having a Successful Infant Swim Class

Demonstrate: Your instructor will show you what to do. Make sure you understand completely before trying it yourself. Doing it wrong can do more harm than good. Repetition: Do it over and over again. You will get tired and possibly … Read More

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Helpful Hints for Having a Good Swimming Class

GROUP praise gives encouragement. Group response serves as reinforcement and helps parents as well as the babies. It makes them feel as if they have really done a great thing — after all, this many people can’t be wrong! Your … Read More

A day in the water with Will

Although a large part of my job is managing pools around Manhattan, training new instructors how to use our methodology to be the best they can be in the water with the wonderful kids we have the privilege of teaching … Read More

Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Strategies

Our program has as it’s first goal water safety. And, while it is quite a bit more than this, water safety is fundamentally about drowning prevention.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause … Read More

Talking Positive Part Two: 100 Ways To Say “Good Job!”

please add your positive words and expressions as comments! 100 Ways to Say “Good Job!” 1. Good Job! 2. GREAT! 3. You’re special! 4. You’ve got a great future! 5. You’ve just about got it! 6. Now you’ve got the … Read More

Talking Positive, Part One: Getting Kids Comfortable with Their Environments

Positive language is extremely important to the learning process. It can be as easy as saying good job after a skill is achieved or more advanced, such as changing how you describe the activities and environments our youth find themselves … Read More

Swimming and Black History Month

Black Swimming History Resource Links Minority Drowning Statistics African Americans’ Swimming Heritage “Black Splash: the Amazing History of Swimming in Black & White” Dear SwimJim Family Member, As Black History Month draws to a close, SwimJim wanted to share with … Read More

Spring Swimming

Spring is a very busy time for everyone. The weather gets nicer, we all start to get out a little more, and with that first day in a t-shirt, we all start to think about the summer. With summer just … Read More

The Story Behind the Baker Act

You might not know this but drowning is the leading cause of death among children between the ages of 1 and 14. The vast majority of these deaths could have been prevented through proper education and supervision. This is, of … Read More

Just Getting Started

Hello Everyone! This is Jim Spiers, the founder of SwimJim and we’ve decided to dive into the blogosphere.  With a wealth of experience and knowledge concerning water safety and child development, I and my senior instructors will be regularly updating … Read More