SwimStar | Texas

The swimmers practice vertical balance with positive buoyancy, improving breath control and expanding their subconscious awareness of water movement, an EXCELLENT way to gain stroke efficiency! Children begin to develop a greater ability to utilize core body strength in association with their arms and stroke. SwimStars work on putting all the pieces together for freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke. This process entails perfecting arms, breathing, and stroke timing in association with head and body rotation. Skills to develop butterfly and breaststroke are implemented in this program, including body dolphin and a focus on somersaults. Children are also improving skills in negative buoyancy, which leads to better underwater swimming in starts and turns. The student/teacher ratio is 4 to 1.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed the SwimJimmers class; or have the necessary skills equal to SwimJimmers

Skills Attained:
* Hone independence in the water
* Improve awareness in the water and of the way the water works
* Begin underwater swimming
* Develop freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke
* Introduce butterfly

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