Conduct & Hygiene Policies and Guidelines

  1. Please enter SwimJim’s rental facilities through the approved doors.
  2. Do not enter pool area until 10 minutes before your child’s class is scheduled to begin.
  3. Please use assigned changing areas or dressing rooms in the different facilities to dress and redress after class.
  4. Do not enter the pool without your child’s instructor in the water.
  5. Please allow swimmers finishing their classes to exit the pool before putting your child into the water.
  6. Children must NOT be left unattended before, during or after their lesson.
  7. Keep children’s fingernails and toenails cut and filed on a weekly basis. This prevents the instructors from being scratched. A child can be removed from class if this becomes a problem.
  8. Hair needs to be kept out of children’s faces. Long hair needs to be in a ponytail or swimming cap. Boys and girls with long bangs need to have bangs pulled back with a ponytail holder or a barrette.
  9. All children must enter the pool without food or gum in their mouths. Please avoid feeding your child dairy products and heavy, spicy foods several hours before class.
  11. Remove all Band-Aids. If a wound is open and bleeding others will be at risk of contracting blood-borne pathogens. Please be considerate and use discretion with wounds that have not healed sufficiently.
  12. If your child has a fever or a contagious disease, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor for the proper course of action.
  13. All swimmers, regardless of age, must wear swimsuits.
  14. Children who are not COMPLETELY potty-trained must wear a Happy Nappy Swim Diaper with a swimsuit over the Happy Nappy diaper. Have older children use the restroom before their class is scheduled to begin. Please put a clean Happy Nappy diaper on non-trained tots before entering the pool.
  15. Children may wear goggles during class. However, the goggles are to remain on their eyes for the entire lesson. Please adjust the size and test for leaks before their class; instructors will not be able to make adjustments during class. If we feel your child is using the goggles as a crutch and cannot function without them, we may suggest a few lessons without the goggles.
  16. SwimJim, Inc. reserves the right to expel students who fail to comply with these guidelines