Here are the answers to many questions you may have. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please use the SwimJim, Inc. Information Assistant.

Q: What is the water temperature?
A: The pools are kept between 84 degrees and 90 degrees.

Q: How do the children stand in the water?
A: We have teaching platforms that the children stand on while they are waiting to take their turns. These platforms make the water depth about 2 feet.

Q: What if my child is scared or crying?
A: If your Child is nervous or crying about the lesson please take a moment to chat with the instructor and then let the instructor work with your child. Children react to different parts of the lesson. Some children may suffer from separation anxiety. This will go away as soon as the child gets to know the instructor. Some children are afraid of a new place. This will also go away with time. Some children are afraid of the water. This is where the SwimJim instructors are great! The instructor will skillfully help your child adjust to the water through games and beginning skills such as blowing bubbles. With time your child will be happy and successful in the water. Be patient.

Q: When should my child stop taking swimming lessons?
A: This really depends on you and your child’s goals. SwimJim is geared to take children from beginner all the way up to pre team. We love to see our swimmers move on and compete in swimming on the team level.

Q: Why are the classes 30 minutes?
A: Based on our experience, 30 minutes is the right amount of time to keep your child interested, focused and happy in the pool. Our more advanced classes last for a longer period of time.

Q: What can I do to make my child more comfortable in the water?
A: Let the instructor do most of the teaching. Have fun with your child in the water. Children learn from repetition and fun. Bath time is another good time to play with skills. Practice floating or blowing bubbles and kicking your legs in the tub or pool.

Q: Can my child swim twice a week or more?
A: Of course! The more a child is exposed to the water the faster they will learn to swim. Just be sure to not over do it. Children need all kinds of activities to stimulate their minds and bodies.

Q: Why doesn’t SwimJim use floatation devices?
A: We believe that floatation devices give children and the parent a false sense of security. We want our children to feel the water and how it effects and moves their body. The floatation devices tend to make the child swim in a more vertical body position and do not allow the child to discover heir own bodies buoyancy. In swimming you want your body to be in a more horizontal or streamline position so that you can move through water more easily.

Please feel free to contact us via email to ask any questions you may have: SwimJim, Inc Information Assistant