Guidelines for Parents & Caregivers

1. Children must NOT be left unattended before, during, or after their lesson.

2. A child’s parent or caregiver MUST remain on the premises for the duration of each lesson. We cannot make any exceptions.

3. Parents must wait in the parent waiting area. Parents CANNOT be beside the pool. This is so the class can go smoothly without interruption.

4. Please do not compare the progress of your child to other children. Just as children learn to walk and talk at different ages, they will also progress in swimming at their own pace. Praise even the smallest accomplishments. Let your child know how proud you are of them!

5. Classes are taught in continuous progression. The more sessions a child takes, the greater the retention. Continuity and practice makes safer, stronger swimmers.

6. Classes are grouped as closely as possible, according to their ages and abilities.

7. Constructive comments and concerns are always welcome, however poolside conferences are strongly discouraged. Please speak to our deck personnel or give us a call so that we can respond to your needs more completely.

8. We ask our parents to help our instructors by

a. Not promising a child they will not have to perform important skills. We will never force a child to perform a skill, but if they are told they do not have to do something, it reinforces their fear.

b. Asking for a progress report by telephone or after all classes have been completed. Poolside discussions between classes interrupt other student’s schedules and distract teachers during lessons.

9. If the preceding guidelines are not followed, SwimJim, Inc. reserves the right to expel any student from the SwimJim, Inc. program.