Pool Management & Maintenance
Houston, Texas

SwimJim’s Greater Houston pool management services make it easy to create a clean and safe swimming environment that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are hotelier, health club manager, or private pool owner, we can provide the expert services you need and make sure that your facility lives up to Board of Health requirements.

At SwimJim we have over 30 years of collective experience managing bathing facilities, and we offer the pool service Houston residents need. From certified lifeguards and porter staff to carefully balanced chemicals in the water, we can make sure your pool is always ready when it’s time to escape the Houston heat.

Effective Pool Services

Preventative maintenance and balanced water chemistry will help to extend the life of your pool, and our services to will ensure your pools are always ready for use. We can help:

  • Make recommendations for facilities
  • Manage staffing and payroll services
  • Check for leaks and make or identify necessary repairs
  • Continually check and correct chemical issues in pools
  • Staff the lifeguard and porter positions
  • Ensure compliance with Board of Health regulations
  • Keep the pool areas clean and safe for patrons

Whether you are looking for personal pool cleaning in Houston or a complete pool management solution for your hotel, gym, or country club, we can provide the support and service you need. Contact us today and find out how SwimJim can help you.

Getting Started on your Pool Management

At SwimJim we always start with an in-depth review and analysis of all the aspects of a pool: documentation, staff, schedules, equipment and more to ensure that when we assume the management responsibilities, we can do so efficiently and effectively. When we begin daily administration of the pool, we can manage the lifeguard staff, monitoring the daily chlorination and Ph of the water, and keep the area around the pool clean, safe and inviting.

Get started today and let SwimJim help you create a fun, safe, and clean swimming environment.