11 Classic Songs About Swimming

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” A catchy reminder from a beloved Disney character sings. And no wonder; swimming, being in the water and experiencing that delightful dance, is a feeling that most people love. Consequently, there are some really wonderful songs that celebrate the swimming lifestyle and get you pumped for a visit to the pool.

Feeling nautical? Here are eleven good swimming songs to make you want to jump straight into the water.

Nightswimming – R.E.M.

Who doesn’t love a little classic R.E.M.? Their song, “Nightswimming,” evokes nostalgia practically anyone can relate to. Whether your “night swimming” experiences have been romantic, restful, playful, or even a little sad, this song somehow brings up all of those emotions and memories.

Swimming Pool Summer (Visualizer) – Capital Cities

Another good swimming song, “Swimming Pool Summer (Visualizer)” by Capital Cities provides a fun, catchy beat to have stuck in your head as you swim laps or laze by the poolside. It might not be the best for competitive swimming–too mellow–it’s certainly a good song for playing in the pool.

Swimming Ground – Meat Puppets

Speaking of a good beat to have in your head for competitive swimming, if that’s what you’re after, try “Swimming Ground” by Meat Puppets. Not only is it jazzy and bouncy, but the message is positive and upbeat. It’s about the joy of swimming and happily nostalgic.

Into the Ocean – Blue October

The song “Into the Ocean” by Blue October is all about ocean swimming. And while it references the dangers of ocean swimming, it also has a positive-sounding beat. Overall, the song is a tribute to lost love by way of swimming as a description, but the sound is certainly worth a listen.

Like Swimming – Foals

Like Swimming” by the Foals is the final song on our list, but it’s a great one. Taking its cue from a more classic style, the song features a cheerful sound as a background. It somehow captures all the fun and play of swimming, even without lyrics.

Jump in the Pool – Friendly Fires

The Friendly Fires are an indie rock band from Hertfordshire, England, and this catchy pop tune is sure to get you pumped for a poolside summer. Upbeat and fun, “Jump in the Pool” really hits all the marks of a good, dance-worthy pop song.

Swimming – Breathe Owl Breathe

This duet is an easygoing, chill song that’s great for relaxing by the pool. It’s not one to pump you up for swimming laps or dancing, but it does a great job of capturing that feeling of pure, lazy bliss that comes from spending the day at the beach.

Channel Swimmer – Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles

However, swimming isn’t always a relaxing, fun activity, and this folksy tune captures the lonesome mood of a long-distance swim perfectly. Slow and a bit mournful, this song is reminiscent of Johnny Cash decades ago. The arrangement is uncomplicated and to the point, transporting you to the middle of the ocean with very few words and a few plucks of the guitar strings.

Channel Swimmer – 10cc

If the 70s is more your jam, check out this one of the same name by the English rock band 10cc. It’s got that classic 70s feel, with the mix of smooth melody interspersed with the stop-and-start chorus lead-in, and even featuring a funky little guitar solo.

Swim – Jack’s Mannequin

This alternative tune is more about metaphorical swimming than literal, encouraging you to keep going in the face of setbacks and hardships. It’s a great shot of positivity if you’re looking for that extra boost to keep going.

Front Crawl – Frank Turner

This is another one that’s more symbolic. It’s got a great indie, folksy vibe, and he sings about crossing over metaphorical obstacles no matter how slow the process–even if you can only doggy paddle.


Music and swimming are tied together somehow, whether it’s memories of swimming lessons or of playing in the pool at end-of-school parties. Both water and music have a sort of natural rhythm to them, one that somehow captures the life that’s in swimming and water play. We all need some swimming in our lives somehow, and if that’s not a readily available possibility, maybe songs about swimming can tide us over until we can be in the water again.

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