Infant Swim Lessons from SwimJim in New York and Texas

Why Infant Swim Lessons?

It’s up there on every parent’s list of fears: what if my baby drowns? We watch them around any body of water, no matter how small, and many of us don’t even consider taking them to the pool, just in case. But what if there was a way to help even newborn infants be safer in water? As it turns out, there is.

Amazingly enough, even tiny babies can be taught things that keep them safer around and in water. It helps that they’re born with some water reflexes, but as they grow, those reflexes fade and need to be replaced with infant swim lessons, which teach them new reflexes and habits that encourage water safety. If you keep your child in swim lessons, it can also help them not fear water as they get older.

Some Bonuses to Infant Swim Lessons

Studies have shown that babies who learn to splash and glide in water are more intelligent and self-confident. This can help lead to fewer tantrums down the road. Some babies can master floating on their backs, which can be life-saving, and socialization in group swim classes can encourage babies and children to be friendlier and less afraid of other people.

Because of the neural connections that are strengthened while babies learn to swim (not, of course, in terms of freestyle and butterfly strokes, but rather floating and splashing safely,) their brains can be strengthened and enhanced in a number of ways. These stronger brains are then better adapted for:

  • Language development
  • Spacial awareness
  • Academic learning
  • Reading skills

What’s more, just the tactile experience of feeling the water react to their cute little splashes and kicks can strengthen the brain further.

The greater confidence that children gain through early swim lessons can also help boost:

  • Self-esteem
  • Desire to Succeed
  • Self Control
  • Comfort in social situations

The Reward for Parents

While keeping your child safe is a reward in and of itself, there are other nice things about infant swim lessons for parents to enjoy. Watching little babies learn to move and play in water is adorable and charming, and a fun way for you to enjoy time with your little ones. It also opens up pool fun with your child if they were previously afraid of water. Finally, it is a major plus in this world of dangers around every corner to know that your baby is a little safer (and can grow up safe) playing in water and having fun.

You Should Still Be Careful

Just because your baby does well in swim lessons does not mean that they are water safe by themselves. Young children may have a reduced risk of drowning with infant and child swim lessons, but you still absolutely must keep your eyes–and often your hands–on them any time they are near water.

Remember that drowning is a leading cause of death in infants and children, especially if you have a pool at home. It’s also important to remember that small children are top-heavy, meaning that once their head is down, it’s much harder for them to swim back up.

You love your children, and you want them to be safe. One great way to help ensure that safety is to enroll them in infant swim lessons or child swim lessons. Contact SwimJim today to enroll your baby in infant swim lessons.