Did You Dream of Swimming Last Night? Here’s What It Could Possibly Mean

Dreams are one of the long-time mysteries of the human experience. Researchers have spent centuries trying to interpret dreams, to understand why we dream, and to learn how dreams relate to our waking hours.

While ancient civilizations often believed good dreams came from the Gods and bad dreams came from demons, scientists have since determined that dreams are a continuation of our thought processes from the day.

Scientists have also linked common types of dreams to have certain meanings that can apply to everyone. So, what if you’ve dreamed of swimming in the ocean? Check out what your dream of swimming could possibly mean.

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Water Colors

Water is understood to represent the dreamer’s emotional state. If the dreamer has anxiety or turmoil, the water may be dark and rough. If the dreamer is at peace, the water in the dream might be calm and clear. The color, location, and mood of the water can give great insight into the inner emotions of the person. Here are some other in-depth ideas about what water color might mean:

Brown and Murky

Unclear waters may be reflective of emotional difficulty. You may be overwhelmed by your thoughts and are allowing negative emotions to control you. This may be an indication that you need to be more positive and take control of your thoughts.

Dark Blue

Very dark water may be suggestive of heavy and deep unconscious emotions. If you’re nervous to be in dark water during your dream, you may be uncomfortable with embracing these deep emotions.

Clear Water

Clear water is a positive dream symbol. If you’re swimming or spending time near clear water in your dream, you probably are in touch with your emotions and clear with how you feel about life.

Water Meanings

Water comes into dreams in a host of ways. How you’re interacting with water in your dream can determine the meaning and symbolism. Here are some examples of what various water dreams might mean:

Walking on Water

If you’re walking on water in your dream, you probably feel in control of life and in touch with your emotions. You may have some hidden qualities you have yet to discover.


Rivers are a common dream symbol that can represent your physical or spiritual journey through life. A fast-flowing river may represent that change is soon to come. A peaceful river indicates that you are comfortable with the changes happening in life.


Many people dream of drowning at some point in their life. Often this dream occurs at a time of emotional distress. If you’re having a frequent dream of drowning, it may be time to determine aspects of your life you might be afraid to face.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Swimming?

You may dream of swimming in a variety of forms. Just like in life, swimming can be relaxing, fun, and adventurous in your dream, or it can be stressful and scary. Here are some interpretations of what your dream of swimming in a pool or dream of swimming in the ocean might mean:

Dream of Swimming in a Pool

The interpretation of swimming in a pool depends on the conditions of the water. If you’re peacefully swimming along with the flow of the current, you will probably experience improvements in your life over the next few months.

If you’re swimming against a current or treading in rough water, you may be feeling worried about the future. This dream could mean that it is time to cleanse your life of problems and deal with emotional issues you may be facing.

Dream of Swimming in the Ocean

The ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and is made up of gravitational tides that pull the waves in different directions. If you dream of swimming in the ocean, you may feel your emotions pulling you in different directions.

A tidal wave or ocean storm can indicate that you’re overwhelmed by something in life. If your dream involves swimming in the ocean underwater, you may have hidden feelings you haven’t yet faced.

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