Frequently Asked Questions: How SwimJim Texas Keeps Your Family Safe From COVID19

Safety is always our first priority at SwimJim.  We created these Frequently Asked Questions so you are able to have a fast reference to all of the steps we are taking to protect you, your family, our community and the SwimJim team members.

How are you sanitizing the pool area to reduce the chances of infection?

Our staff does facility walk-throughs every 15-20 minutes to sanitize and clean high touch areas.  This includes disinfecting door knobs, faucet handles, bathrooms, changing tents, desks & seating areas.  

In addition, our professional cleaning company will clean overnight.  Our pool deck is sanitized multiple times per shift for your safety and comfort.

How often are the toys and tools you use in the pool sanitized to reduce the chances of infection?

In addition to sanitizing our pool toys when we open and when we close, we also sanitize each toy between each and every class. 

What steps are being taken when I enter the facility to keep my family safe?

Parents and caregivers are asked to arrive for classes no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled class time.  When you enter the facility you and your child’s temperature will be checked with a non-contact thermometer.  For more information from the FDA about non-contact thermometers click here  

Clients with temperatures over 100 degrees will be asked to please exit the facility and reschedule their classes when they are healthy according to CDC advice.  For more information on fevers, please see this short article on WebMD click here. Additionally, to promote social distancing, we are requesting that only one parent/caregiver accompanies a student to class.  

What do I do if I suspect that I, my child’s caretaker or my child is sick?

It is better to be safe than sorry.  If you suspect you or someone in your household is sick, please immediately contact your primary health-care provider.  If you have a scheduled class, simply log onto the Parent Portal for a complimentary makeup.  If you are concerned about possible transmission to others, please contact the SwimJim office so we may assist you with contact tracing advice from New York State and New York City. 

What are the symptoms of COVID-19/coronavirus?

The main symptoms of COVID-19/coronavirus are fever, chest pains and cough.  To learn about additional symptoms, click here for access to the CDC website.  

What efforts are being made to make sure your staff is healthy?

We have daily communication with our staff to ensure they are in perfect health to teach your children.  Each staff member is temperature checked and required to take our daily Health Questionnaire at the beginning of each shift.  Staff members who do not meet health standards will be asked to go home and get healthy.  

Additionally, we will assist staff members with resources so they are able to access the best care possible.  Our staff members are also required to constantly wash and sanitize their hands during shifts as well as wear a face mask.  To reduce the chance of infection, instructors will wear face shields during lessons and all staff members will wear face masks outside of the water. 

How will SwimJim manage social distancing during lessons?

To encourage social distancing SwimJim has created markers on the floors so parents/caregivers can maintain social distancing during lessons.  Additionally, there will only be one entrance and one exit to minimize clients having to cross each other’s paths to enter and exit lessons.

How many students will be in each class?

In order to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible, we have a new and temporary lower student-teacher ratio.  We also will have temporarily shorter classes to enter and exit the pool to maintain social distancing. These temporary measures are:

Parent-Child programs– 

Ratio: 4:1

25 min duration

(currently to encourage social distancing Swim N’ Splash is paused)

Learn-to-Swim programs

Ratio: 2:1

25 min duration

Advanced/Adult levels

Ratio: 4:1

55 min duration

Private classes-

Ratio: 1:1

What is the duration of classes?

As mentioned above, to maintain a stress-free flow of students from one class to another and to maintain social distancing, we have temporarily adjusted the duration of our classes.  Class durations are as follows:

Parent-Child programs- (all Swim N’ Splash classes are temporarily paused)

25 min duration

Learn-to-Swim programs –

25 min duration

Advanced/Adult levels –

55 min duration

Private classes-

25 min duration

Is Chlorine as good as bleach for sanitation?

CDC experts have confirmed that chlorinated water is safe and does not transmit COVID-19.  In addition to maintaining other sanitation efforts like sanitizing handrails and toys, we also will be increasing the amount of chlorine in our pools as an extra layer of safety for you and your children.

Will my child be able to shower after classes?

No.  To maintain social distancing and to minimize any possible COVID-19 infections, showers will be temporarily closed.

Here are a couple of resources about chlorinated water and CDC recommendations:

Expert Says Swimming Pool Water Unlikely to Spread Coronavirus

Water and COVID-19 FAQs

What disinfectant/cleaning supplies does SwimJim use to disinfect/sanitize?  How do I know it is effective?

SwimJim uses institutional quality bleach, Clorox bleach wipes and Lysol to ensure we are sanitizing and cleaning the facility properly.  These disinfectants are most highly indicated to kill the COVID19 virus.

Will I have to wear a mask or face covering when I watch my child’s lesson?

While the CDC recommends the wearing of masks to slow down the potential spread of COVID-19/coronavirus, the wearing of masks or face coverings while observing lessons is not mandatory as long as social distancing is maintained.  This distance requirement is 6 feet between individuals.  

Do I have to wear gloves while in the SwimJim facility?

In most other situations, like running errands, wearing gloves is not necessary.  Instead, practice everyday preventive actions like keeping social distance (at least 6 feet) from others, washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (or using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol), and wearing a cloth face covering when you have to go out in public.

Additional Resources:

CDC Website

WHO Website

Texas Department of State Health Services