How Swimming Can Transform Your Body For the Better

People who work out regularly do it for varying reasons. They might love the high of endorphins they get when their heart rate is up. They might be trying to reduce the risk of health problems later on in life, or they might want to lose weight.

Working out is also an incredible way to transform your body so you can feel strong, comfortable, and confident in any situation. Every type of workout regimen shapes your body differently, and there’s no workout like swimming to tone and strengthen your whole body.

Swimming will transform your body in a way that no other workout can, and it’s also one of the safest options out there since there is low risk of injury. The low impact of swimming means it’s something you can do for a lifetime. You’ll burn fat, build muscle, and increase cardiovascular health all in one incredible workout. Read on to learn more about the swimmer’s body transformation process.

Toned Muscles

Swimming is one of the greatest full-body workouts out there. You’ll combine the benefits of cardio workout with the strengthening and toning benefits of weight training. Here’s how swimming changes your body in the best way.

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Sculpted Arms and Shoulders

Strokes like breaststroke, butterly, front crawl, and back crawl all require great effort from the upper arms, which leaves regular swimmers with toned shoulders and triceps. Every stroke counts on those hard-working muscles, and it shows.

Defined Abs

Tired of doing a million crunches and planks with nothing to show for it? Start swimming. Though most people don’t realize it, your core is constantly tightening while swimming to stabilize your body in the water. Combine this with the fat-burning benefits of swimming, and you’ll enjoy defined abs without doing a single crunch.

Stronger Back

Back muscles can sometimes be neglected in the gym, but they’re sculpted in the pool. The shaped back looks great and also minimizes back problems that may come from posture or other issues.

Bigger glutes

Bigger booties are having a moment, and anyone can achieve the look with regular swimming. No matter what type of stroke you’re doing, you’ll be heavily working all the major and minor glute muscles, giving the butt area much more of a defined look.

Shaped legs

Along with the arms and shoulders, legs are one of the most important parts of swimming. Each strong kick works to build muscle in the thighs and calves, resulting in strong legs that will allow you to run, walk, and bike without tiring as quickly.

Improved Flexibility

Swimming doesn’t just tone your body, but offers other benefits as well. Those who swim often enjoy greater flexibility thanks to the swimming range of motion. The effect is similar to what you can get in Pilates or yoga, and offers meditative benefits as well.

Enhanced Performance In Other Sports

If you’re running a marathon or training for a bike race, swimming is the perfect cross-training exercise. This low-impact workout will help you recover from your other workouts and still provide excellent strength-training. Swimming will enhance your performance in just about any other sport.

Lowered Back Pain

Do you have chronic back pain? Or maybe just an occasional dull back ache? If so, swimming can help. By dramatically strengthening back muscles, swimming gives your back the training needed to manage joint pain and other back issues.

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