Is It Okay for My Dog to Swim in My Pool?

Dog Swim in My Pool

Dogs and pools each have the potential to bring so much joy to their owners. As someone who owns both, you may wonder if it’s okay for your dog to swim in your pool. You love your dog, and if swimming in your pool isn’t safe for them, you don’t want them to swim in there. Then there’s also the matter of what your dog could do to your pool. So what’s the verdict?

Safe When Supervised

As far as safety is concerned, treat your dog spending time in your pool the way you would a child. Dogs should never swim in pools unsupervised. Pools often have steep steps and ladders that are tough for dogs to use. That can make it tough for your dog to get in and out of the pool safely. The steep drop-offs many pools have can be dangerous as well. As long as you’re supervising your dog in the pool so you can help them if they need it, it’s safe enough.

Dog Health Concerns

Maybe you’re concerned about what chlorinated water might do to your dog. The good news is that properly balanced pool water is likely just as safe for your dog as it is for you. Your dog may experience some slight irritation in their eyes, ears, and nose (much like humans do). Just rinse them off well when they get out and make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water to drink. That will discourage them from drinking pool water because they’re thirsty.

Pool Maintenance Concerns

The other primary concern is the potential damage your dog could do to your pool. Dogs have a lot more hair than humans and tend to be a lot dirtier too. That forces your filters to work harder to keep your pool water clean, but it shouldn’t be damaging. You may just have to clean it and skim your pool more often. The other major concern is your dog’s nails, which could potentially damage your pool’s liner. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to minimize the risk of damage.

What type of dog you have also matters. Some dogs are built for swimming more than others. Dogs with short legs and noses struggle more with swimming when compared to dogs with longer legs and noses. At the end of the day, whether or not it’s okay for your dog to swim in your pool depends on multiple factors. As a dog and pool owner, it’s up to you to make the decision that makes the most sense for you, your dog, and your pool.

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