Look for These Signs That Indicate Your Community Pool is a Good Place to Take Your Kids Swimming

Do your kids love to swim? If the answer is yes, but you don’t have a private pool of your own to swim in, odds are you’ll need to find a good community pool to take them to go swimming. Community pools can be an amazing resource for families that swim. Of course, safety must be paramount, which means paying attention to signs that indicate that any given community pool is a good place to take your kids swimming. But what do you look for?

Not Too Crowded

Swimming is fun. Tons of people love it. Of course, if everyone’s flocking to the community pool, you should think twice about taking your kids there. Too many people in the pool mean that the pool is less likely to be sanitary, not to mention the additional danger that an overly crowded pool can pose in terms of drowning risk. Look for a community pool that isn’t overly crowded, or at least talk to the staff and figure out what some of the less popular swim times are. You may find that simply choosing a different time to go can be just the trick to get your kids swimming in a safer environment.

Clean Water

Clean pool water should never be negotiable whether you’re swimming in a private pool or a community pool. The tricky part about community pools is that you don’t have control over how clean the water is or isn’t. Still, if the water doesn’t look clean, you’ll probably be better off looking somewhere else. Talk to the staff about water testing policies and procedures, results, and observe the condition of the water. If everything meets your satisfaction, you may have found a good place to take your kids swimming.

Lifeguards on Duty

You know that your kids are your responsibility. Even if you plan to watch them like a hawk, it’s still important to choose a community pool that has lifeguards on duty. Lifeguards are specially trained on how to spot and rescue drowning swimmers. When it comes to something where every second counts, having more eyes on the pool is never going to hurt!

Knowing what to look for in a community pool is crucial if you want to find a good, safe place to take your kids swimming. Finding one that isn’t too crowded (or discovering what times of day aren’t too crowded), has clean water, and has lifeguards on duty means you’ve probably found a good place to start. Once you’ve found a good community pool, you’ll be all ready to hit the water and make some memories.

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