Must-Have Supplies for Taking a Baby Swimming

Mother teaching baby to swim in a swimming pool.

You love to go swimming, and you’re excited to share all the joy that a pool can bring with your baby. Of course, by this point, you’ve probably experienced the sense of panic that can ensue when you leave behind essential supplies (like diapers) when you’re out and about with your baby. You don’t want to deal with that at the pool, so what do you need to make sure you bring with you?

Pre-Swim Supplies

Getting ready for a good swim starts with the proper pre-swim supplies. Think about the things you’ll need to have before hopping (or gently and carefully stepping) into the pool with your baby. Sunscreen, swim diapers, and of course, a swimsuit, are absolute musts. Your little one has delicate, sensitive skin. Choose a good baby sunscreen to protect them. Swim diapers that are the right size for your child’s height and weight will help keep the pool safe for everyone else. Pair a nice hat with a super cute swimsuit to protect their precious little head.

Swimming Supplies

Now that you’re all ready to get in, what do you need next? If your baby has a favorite bath toy, that may be the perfect thing to bring along. Some babies struggle when they’re put in new, unfamiliar environments, and a pool is anything but familiar, at least in comparison to the floor of your home. Having their favorite bath toy gives them something familiar to focus on, which can help them feel more comfortable. You might consider bringing a floatation device for them as well. Just make sure you stay close the whole time.

Post-Swim Supplies

So you’ve had a great time swimming, but it’s time to be done. What’s next on the list of things you’ll need? To start, you’ll need a towel to dry your little one-off. Make sure you have a change of clothes on hand for them too, along with regular diapers. And, since swimming can be quite the workout for your little cutie, have some snacks on hand for them to munch on as well.

Having all the right supplies on hand can go a long way towards making taking your baby swimming a more positive experience. If you go swimming very often at all, you may find it helpful to have a separate bag devoted to swimming supplies. Goodness knows you do the same with your diaper bag. That way you can just grab both and head out the door without having to worry about having left something behind.

Learning to swim is a valuable skill no matter how old or young you are. Check out our SwimBaby Program to see how we can help you get your little one started as soon as possible.