Pool Shock Basics Pool Owners Should Know

Anyone who’s been to a pool before knows that you need chemicals to keep the water balanced and sanitary. Chlorine tends to be the chemical people think of most. There’s more to keeping a pool balanced than just adding a chlorine treatment periodically though. If you’re a pool owner, you need to know the basics of shocking your pool as well.

What Is Pool Shock?

Pool shock is a high dose of chlorine that is used to oxidize the pool water. It breaks apart the chloramine particles in the water. Chloramine is a byproduct of when chlorine molecules break down bacteria and other organic matter that may be present in the water. When used in conjunction with regular chlorine treatments, pool shock helps keep your pool water safe and sanitary

Why Should You Use It?

There’s a certain smell that is commonly associated with swimming pools. People tend to think that the strong chemical smell is chlorine, but it’s actually chloramine. It’s a sign that the pool water doesn’t have enough active chlorine. That allows bacteria to grow unchecked, creating unsafe swimming conditions. Any chlorine that is added won’t work as effectively as it needs to. That is unless you use pool shock. That oxidation enhances free chlorine levels and leaves your pool smelling clean.

How Do You Shock a Pool?

Pool shocking should be done at dusk, as the sun will render the shock ineffective. To shock your pool, start by testing the water’s pH. Then calculate how much shock you need. Prepare your pool shock as directed in the instructions and make sure your pool pump is running. Then you simply pour the shock into the water around the edges of the pool. Let the pump run for at least six hours before testing the water for proper chlorine levels. You can use the pool again once the chlorine levels are between 1-3 ppm.

Keeping your pool clean and sanitary is necessary if you want it to be safe to swim in. Pool shock treatments are an important step in that process. If you own a pool, make sure you understand how to correctly shock your pool. Once you know how to do it, shock your pool once a week and wait eight hours before jumping back in. That way the water will be safe and ready for you to enjoy during your next swim.

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