Swimming for National Family Health & Fitness Day

Young Family Relaxing In Swimming Pool Together

The National Recreation and Park Association is promoting National Family Health & Fitness Day at locations all across the US. This special family exercise event is held on the second Saturday of June each year and is a great opportunity to learn more about how to incorporate healthy habits into your life. Whether your community is participating in this event or not, you can get your family involved by planning fun and healthy family activities yourself.

During the hot summer months, you may already be planning to spend a lot of time cooling off with a swim. Learn more about how to turn playtime at the pool into family exercise, and how to stay safe in the water.

Family Activities for the Pool

Lounging poolside and working on your tan is a tempting way to relax, but try hopping in the pool with your kids this summer and joining in the fun. Introduce them to these great family activities and sneak in some exercise while you’re at it.

Water Sports

A simple net stretched across the pool provides the perfect setting for a very wet game of volleyball. You can also put a children’s basketball net on the side of the pool, or find one that floats, and shoot some hoops. And of course, there’s always “shark tag,” which involves swimming to catch each other.

Watermelon Races

Cover a watermelon in oil until it’s nice and slippery, then challenge your kids to push it from one end of the pool to the other. With several watermelons, you can create a hilarious racing event.

Invisible Bottle

Fill a clear plastic bottle with water and throw it in the pool. It will nearly disappear while in the water, making it difficult to spot. See who can find the hidden bottle first.

Handstand Contest

Practice doing underwater handstands, then see who can stay underwater with their feet in the air longer than anyone else.

Pool Noodle Games

Pool noodles have a million and one uses, with the perk of being inexpensive. Float on them and race across the pool, blow into one end and spray each other during a water fight, or use them for games. Attach both ends together with duct tape and make pool noodle circles that will float on the water. Throw balls or frisbees and try to get them to land inside the circles. You can even assign different point values to each circle for an added challenge.

Family Water Safety

Another great way to celebrate National Family Health & Fitness Day is to review what it takes to stay safe during your favorite family activities, especially the ones in the water. Check out the tips below and learn more about the 10 Golden Rules of Water Safety from SwimJim.

  • Never Swim Alone – Not only is swimming more fun with your family or friends, but it can also be dangerous to get in the water when no one is with you. Always watch out for each other and swim with a lifeguard on duty whenever possible.
  • Check for Dangers Before Getting in – Look around the pool for any potential problems or danger zones before getting in the water. Make a plan for avoiding or handling these areas safely.
  • Walk Instead of RunOnce the fun starts, it can be tempting to run in the area surrounding the pool. Remember that water makes this area extra slippery! Tread carefully to avoid falls and set a good example for others.
  • Learn the Right Way to HelpEven strong swimmers can get pulled underwater when trying to help someone in distress. It’s better to throw them something to hold onto and pull them to safety than it is to dive into the water yourself. Always begin by yelling for help in case you end up needing an extra hand. It’s also highly recommended that everyone get certified in CPR and First Aid in case of emergency.
  • Learn How to SwimArguably the most important thing you can do when preparing to swim safely is take swimming lessons from a trained professional. Learn the most effective swimming and floating techniques for a safer, and more fun, day in the water.

Learn to Swim at SwimJim

Learn to swim with the caring and highly-trained professionals at SwimJim. We offer classes for all ages, from babies to adults, in the New York and Houston areas. Contact us today to get ready in time for National Family Health & Fitness Day!