Tips for Keeping Your Pool Safe to Swim In

Having your own private pool can be a ton of fun. It’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to walk outside and right into the pool at pretty much any time. Of course, with that convenience comes the responsibility for keeping your pool a safe place to swim. So how do you go about doing that?

Keep First Aid Supplies and Rescue Tools Close

It’s always important to be prepared for things to go wrong when it comes to people swimming. For this reason, you should have first aid supplies and rescue tools close to your pool and easy to access in a hurry if needed. Have a life ring, rescue hook, or rescue tube close that can be used to pull someone from the water if they need help. A basic first aid kit is also always a good idea to keep close by. Check your supplies and tools regularly to make sure they are stocked and in good condition.

Keep It Clean

A clean pool is far safer to swim in than one that isn’t. This is why it’s so important to properly open and close your pool at the start and end of each swimming season. Check the balance of your pool water regularly so you can make sure that the levels of various pool chemicals are appropriate. Wait to swim until everything is properly cleaned and balanced. Remember to check your filters regularly as well, since that will also help keep your pool clean.

Keep Chemicals Stored Safely

The chemicals you use to clean your pool should do their job well. While they can make your pool a safer place to swim, they can also be dangerous if handled or mixed improperly and without protective gear. Keep your pool chemicals stored properly in a well-ventilated area that you can lock up. That will reduce the risk of someone accidentally getting into them and getting hurt.

Swimming is fun, but not without its dangers. It’s your responsibility to keep your own pool as safe for swimming as possible. Keeping first aid supplies and rescue tools close, keeping your pool clean, and keeping your pool chemicals stored safely are a few examples of things you should be doing to keep everyone safe. Don’t forget to keep your pool all locked up when it’s not in use too!

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