Top Blog Articles for Beginner Swim Workouts

There’s little more intimidating and daunting to beginning swimmers than showing up at the pool, ready for a workout, but feeling unsure of what to do. You may know the strokes, but how can you combine them together into beginner level swim workouts that will improve your swimming and give your body a good workout?

If you’re new to swimming, you might be wondering where you can find information on learning to swim and swim workouts for beginners. We’ve compiled some of the best beginner swim workouts to make sure you are never uncertain or bored at the pool. To get some ideas for your swim workouts and to learn more about swimming for exercise, take a look at these must-read blog posts for beginning swimmers.

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Taking the Plunge

If you are new to swimming, you may want to learn a little more about swimming strokes, swimming techniques, swimming terms, and more. Additionally, your motivation to swim for exercise might be strengthened by understanding how swimming can benefit you. Start your swimming journey with these informational blog posts:

How to Start Swimming for Exercise: This article will walk you through the information and gear you need to get started with swimming for exercise, as well as how to put together your own swim workouts.

How to Learn to Swim for Beginners: Starting from the very beginning? This guide will teach you a few swimming techniques you can try on your own as you are beginning to learn how to swim for exercise.

Swimming Glossary: Every sport has its jargon. Learn to understand and talk like swimmers with this guide to common swimming terms.

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?: Swimming is great exercise, and this blog post breaks down how swim workouts benefit adults looking to improve their fitness.

Which Muscles Do I Build While Swimming?: Swimming is a low-impact exercise that benefits muscles throughout your body while doing minimal damage. Read through this post to find out how each type of swimming stroke benefits your muscles.

How to Start Swim Training Without Embarrassing Yourself: Embarrassment or self-consciousness about your skill might be a barrier to swimming for exercise. This blogger offers readers a few ways to get over their fears and start swimming.

Swim Workouts for Beginners

Once you know a little more about swimming for exercise and how to get started, it’s time to head to the pool. Before you go, look through these blog posts for ideas for beginner swim workouts that are great for your fitness and swimming skill level.

Low Impact Swimming Exercises for Beginners: This post walks you through a week by week swim workout plan for beginners that builds your fitness over time.

11 One-Hour Medley Swim Workouts: This post starts with a quick glossary and then outlines 11 one-hour swim workouts that hit all the competitive swimming strokes. These workouts are great for beginners who are looking for a challenge, and who are familiar with the strokes and have the stamina to swim for an hour.

This Beginner Swimming Workout Burns Major Calories in Just 30 Minutes: Don’t have an hour to go swimming? Shred major calories in less time with this beginner friendly—but still hard core—swim workout.

Beginner Swimming Workouts: Shake things up with 10 different swim workouts that focus on building endurance and fitness. Each workout builds on the last with the goal of stretching you into an intermediate swimming fitness level.

Free Swimming Workouts for Beginners and Advanced Swimmers by Kiefer: This website offers swimmers a free week-by-week, month-by-month swimming workout plan, including short, long, and beginner versions. Stop by for regular updates.

Get Your Dream Abs from Swimming: Looking to build a six-pack? Swimming is a great workout to help you get there. These swim workouts for abs target your core and leave you stronger and, eventually, looking even better in your swimming suit.

Master the Strokes

As a beginner, you want to focus on your form when you swim, even if your main focus is burning calories. Proper stroke technique will help you move faster in the water and fully use (and benefit) every muscle involved in swimming. Not to mention, you’ll look and feel better as you swim the strokes correctly. These blog posts will help you fine tune your technique and master the swim strokes.

Basic Swimming Techniques: Use this collection of WikiHow articles to teach yourself everything from the doggie paddle to the dolphin kick. Bookmark this page and come back to these articles when you have questions or would like to learn something new.

8 Different Swimming Styles and Strokes: As you add swimming into your exercise routine, review these basic strokes and try something new.

Swim Faster and Smoother with these Freestyle Stroke Techniques: Freestyle is the most basic competitive stroke, and is probably the one you’ll use the most when doing your swim workouts. Read this article to make sure you are doing the freestyle stroke correctly.

After reading these blog posts and selecting a few swim workouts for beginners to try out, you are ready to grab your goggles, cap, and swimsuit and head to the pool for a great workout. To improve your swimming skills and get even more out of your workouts, check out SwimJim’s swimming classes for all ages and skill levels.