Underwater Activities That Get You Up Close and Personal with Marine Wildlife

If you love the ocean, there’s a good chance that you’re also pretty fond of the wildlife that call it home. There’s something extra special about the animals that live in the ocean, perhaps because it’s a completely different world from the one we live in. If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with some of these magnificent animals, there are some underwater activities that let you do exactly that.

Cage Diving

Sharks have fascinated and terrified humans for ages, but especially since the movie Jaws came out in June of 1975. Fortunately, while they can be dangerous and are definitely intimidating, sharks are not nearly the menace this movie makes them out to be. If you want to get close to a shark, cage diving may be the perfect activity for you. You’ll get the chance to see sharks from the safety of a shark cage that is either mostly or entirely submerged in the ocean. Just make sure you wear the right gear for your dive and follow all safety protocols when entering, hanging out in, and exiting the cage.

Sea Walking

Sea walking is exactly what it sounds like. When you go sea walking, you’ll literally be walking along the bottom of the ocean floor. Expect to be somewhere in the realm of 15-30 below the surface for about 20 minutes during this underwater experience. You’ll be wearing a helmet that connects to an air supply up on the surface that provides you with oxygen, so you’ll be able to breathe normally. Enjoy this opportunity to literally immerse yourself in a unique ocean experience.


If scuba diving is a bit much for you, but you want a more in depth experience than what you’re likely to get while snorkeling, SNUBA offers a blend of both. Like scuba diving, you’ll be able to breathe underwater. One of the benefits of SNUBA is that you don’t have to go through the scuba certification process in order to participate in this activity. You’ll be able to go deeper, up to 20 feet, and stay under for far longer, up to two hours, thanks to the breathing apparatus that connects to the SNUBA raft.

Getting to see marine wildlife up close in their natural habitat is a treat that few people in the world get to experience. Activities like cage diving, sea walking, and SNUBA let you do exactly that though. If you love seeing ocean animals, these are definitely activities worth putting on your bucket list.

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