Update from SwimJim to our Students and Families

Dear SwimJim friends and families,
SwimJim won’t be able to welcome you and your children back to swim class for a little while longer. The common crisis we face continues to unfold and it’s quite plain no one has a playbook for these times. We are looking at Houston and NY opening at different times depending on state direction. Looking forward to seeing all of you back in the pool soon.
Thus SwimJim will immediately suspend any tuition billing and freeze all class schedules. This means you will not see any charges from SwimJim until we announce our reopening. It also means your class day and time will be held for your child as well. This includes all classes in our complimentary Swim-N-Splash program for newborns. All credit balances will be applied to your account rolling forward. Once we are able to resume operations, we will resume billing tuition at the regular tuition rates. We hope we might bring a small measure of normalcy back to your kiddos and your life.
Your health and our team’s health are always vitally important, but never more than today. Right now, we are blessed to have zero reported COVID-19 cases among our team and families. We are remaining vigilant and are seeking the best, newest information we can get. We will cooperate with all health authorities if we are asked to help trace any victims, but we have not been approached to date.
If any of your family or social circle have been infected or exposed, please ask your healthcare provider who you must inform to help stop this virus’ spread. We promise that if we need to share information with any SwimJim family or team member, we will act immediately. At this moment in time – happily we have not had cause to do that.
Because our goal is to get every single SwimJim team member back to work, we are doing our best to keep in touch with them, keep them updated, and help them where we can to navigate this uncertain and overwhelming environment. The choices and actions every organization undertakes right now determines how they will emerge from this crisis. SwimJim is no different.  But we are determined to come back and bring you the fun, safety and health that only swimming can provide.
We will emerge from this crisis – better and stronger.  Not just SwimJim, but our society at-large.  Early signs from China are encouraging and we are following our friends and colleagues’ swim schools in Shanghai, Suzhou and other Chinese cities for their experience and inspiration.
We will keep communicating with you regularly enough to be informative, but so much to be intrusive.  
In the meantime, please check out Stop Drowning Now’s website. SDN has free resources families can use to educate themselves about drowning prevention as we march towards warmer weather.
Simply go to stopdrowningnow.org. Then click membership. Then select Swim Schools, Finally, choose Super Hero level (usually $100 a month).
If you have questions, please email info@stopdrowningnow.org and the SDN team will help you.
Jim Spiers & the SwimJim Team