Why Swimming Is So Good for Seniors

Senior man swimming in the sea

When people picture life for seniors, what often comes to mind is an idyllic scene with grandparents spending time with loved ones or relaxing in rocking chairs on a porch while watching the sunset. Staying active is part of what makes the difference in how long a senior can stay healthy and enjoy those beautiful moments. That can be easier said than done though, given that your joints maybe aren’t quite what they used to be. Have you tried swimming?

Gentle on the Joints

If your joints are giving you grief, then swimming could be the perfect form of exercise for you. To get a little scientific about it, water exerts a buoyant force that helps support you. This is what makes swimming so gentle on your joints. There is little to no load placed on them. For those with hip or knee pain, or even spinal pain who find regular exercises to be too strenuous, the water’s gentle support and the reduced pressure placed on these joints can be just the ticket.

Mold Your Mood

Feeling good can be tough sometimes, no matter who you are. Emotional wellness is especially important for seniors. Did you know that swimming can be a great way to give your mood a boost? Physical activity triggers your body to produce endorphins which help you feel good both physically and mentally. Beyond that, swimming can be a great social experience. Your grandkids will love playing with you in the pool. Classes like water aerobics can be another great social experience. The positive social environment and endorphins make it so much easier to choose to be happy.

Heartier Health

Swimming doesn’t just make exercise more comfortable. It provides a great workout of its own too. In addition to providing support, water also provides greater resistance than air, which means you have to work a little harder to move through it. The natural consequences of this are that as you swim regularly you can expect to experience improvements in your muscle strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and even the health of your bones.

Everyone benefits from physical exercise, including seniors. Because of the physical and mental benefits that swimming offers in conjunction with offering lower impact to the joints, swimming may be one of the best forms of physical activity seniors can engage in. If you ever needed a reason to go for a swim, that should provide you with plenty. Seriously, though, swimming is fun. Just go enjoy it.

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