Adult Swimming Lessons


A great introduction to the water and joy of swimming. Students in this program are gaining comfort in the water while learning body control. Our instructors teach the student horizontal balance via the water’s surface in the prone (front) and supine (back) position. This strengthens the core body and teaches proper spinal alignment for front and back flotation and proper stroke efficiency. Students begin to learn negative buoyancy, submersion, as well as propulsion. They gain ground on proper breath control and water safety. This is a one-hour class.


The swimmers practice vertical balance with positive buoyancy, improving breath control and expanding their subconscious awareness of water movement. Students begin to develop a greater ability to utilize core body strength in association with their arms and stroke. Students will work on putting all the pieces together for freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke, which entails perfecting arms, breathing and stroke timing. Skills to assist in developing butterfly and breaststroke are implemented in this program, including body dolphin and somersaults. The student is also improving skills in negative buoyancy, which leads to better underwater swimming in starts and turns. This is a one-hour class.


This class is designed for the competent swimmer who needs to learn breaststroke, butterfly, and refine all competitive strokes. Swimmers apply and coordinate balance, buoyancy and body position to improve efficiency and hydrodynamics. Through continued emphasis on strengthening the core body, swimmers are gaining the benefits of improved posture on land and in the water. Connecting arm propulsion to core body strength is emphasized. Proper dives and turns are practiced. This is a one-hour class.