Swim Lessons – Houston

Houston families have enjoyed SwimJim’s exceptional program focused on water safety and swimming skills for nearly 40 years.  We help even the most hesitant swimmers become accustomed to – even excited about – being in the water.

The SwimJim Method

SwimJim’s approach to swim lessons and aquatic education focuses on the basics, gradually adding more advanced coordination and exercises as the student progresses.  Students first learn how their body moves in water, how to keep out unwanted water while breathing efficiently, and how to react to changes in water pressure, temperature and depth.

Houston students in our swim lessons then progress in safety and self-management skills: back floating, breath control, and grabbing the wall.  These are the most fundamental coordinating exercises a swimmer will rely on in distress, or simply while enjoying a swim.

Each child enjoys learning at his or her own pace, but we keep our classes structured and productive to make an efficient use of students’ time.

In our more advanced Houston swim lessons, we help students perfect breathing techniques, arm and leg coordination, stroke timing, and head rotation for all four competitive strokes.

Most children do not “automatically” or intuitively know aquatic skills, as swimming has different familial, cultural and social contexts.  Thus SwimJim’s swim classes help form effective habits and techniques through coaching and supervised repetition.  In addition to being fun, swim skills are important for safety; they may even help save a life one day.

Our Houston Swim Lessons Venue & Swim Class Schedule

Conveniently located just off I-10, our state-of-the-art facility is open 7 days a week.  SwimJim offers Houston families group, private, and semi-private swim classes on a weekly basis to swimmers of all levels.  Many swimmers swim twice a week for faster progress.  In any swim program, families should expect it will take time for skills to progress. See all the classes we offer and determine which swim class to sign up for today.

SwimJim charges tuition on a monthly basis.  On the first of each month, we automatically debit a credit or debit card just like a health club or other leisure facility.  Once you choose a class for your child, you keep that spot automatically. If you need to change days or times, our team will help you.

If you wish to discontinue your lessons, please give us a 30 days written notice prior to the month in which you do not want to swim.  Discounts are offered when you register your child for more than one Houston swim lessons or class per week, or for bringing siblings.

Call the office at 713.784.1777 with questions.  We are here to serve you.

No matter what swimming stage your child is at, our professional, certified SwimJim team can help him or her gain confidence and water skills.



1100 Wilcrest
1100 Wilcrest Drive, #109, Houston, TX 77042
Lakeside Plaza Center in front of Westside Tennis & Fitness
Swim Lessons Schedule:
Monday 3:00-8:00
Tuesday 3:00-7:30
Wednesday 9:00-1:30 & 3:00-8:00
Thursday 9:00-1:00 & 3:00-7:00
Friday 2:30-6:30
Saturday 8:00-2:20
Sunday 8:00-2:30
Facility Hours:
Monday – Thursday 9:00-7:00
Friday 9:00-6:30
Saturday – Sunday 8:00-2:30
Email Address: (information purposes) infotx@swimjim.com
(cancellation of lessons) notificationtx@swimjim.com
Facebook Name: SwimJim Texas
If you would like to take a tour of the facility from the comfort of your home “Like” us on Facebook and take our virtual tour.


Recurring Monthly Auto-Debit program:


Recurring Monthly Auto-Debit Price Per Lesson

30 Minute Group


1 Hour Group


30 Minute Private


30 Minute Semi Pri


• Pricing is based off of how many lessons there are in the month which means your monthly total may change from month to month.

• Price is per child

• We offer a 5% sibling discount.

• If you take twice a week you will be given a 30% discount off the second lesson.

• Discounts cannot be combined.

Recurring Quarterly Packages– Register and pay for 3 months in advance and receive 5% off your tuition and a complimentary Splash-In. Q1-January-March; Q2-April-June; Q3-July-September; Q4-October-December

Splash-In Lessons– For any current client, call the day of to book an additional Splash-In lesson for $12 for a 30 minute classes and $16 for an hour classes. Up to 2 Splash-In’s per month.

• There is a $30 annual registration fee will be charged once every calendar year per student.



Billing occurs on the first of every month. If you wish to discontinue your lessons please give us written notice 1 month in advance of the month in which you do not want to swim.  In other words, you need to let us know prior to the first of the month if you wish to not be charged for the next month.  After the first lesson your child will auto-renew in the same class until your change their class day or time, or until we receive a 1 month written notice of cancellation.

Monthly tuition is based on the number of classes available in a calendar month. Rates will vary depending upon how many days are offered in any given month. SwimJim does not charge for holidays that we are closed. All automatic debits will be charged at the beginning of every month for the next month’s tuition. If you start during a current session you will have missed our rollover period therefore you will be required to pay for the following session as well in order to hold your child’s class.

You may stop your lessons at any time by giving a 1 month written notice before the start of the next session via email.  Notice of withdrawal must be sent to: notificationtx@swimjim.com

We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your cancellation request.

YOUR CHILD IS ENROLLED UNTIL YOU CANCEL.  Please note that your card will continue to be debited or charged until we receive your notice of withdrawal. 

Automatic debit paperwork must be signed and turned in on or before the first lesson. If it is not turned in your child will not be allowed to enter the pool.

Please note: SwimJim reserves the right to cancel/change certain class times or instructors as necessary.