New York City Swimming Lessons

We believe that every child should know how to swim, and that’s why we provide swimming lessons in NYC  for children of all skill levels including baby swimming lessons. Our focus for all children is helping them learn water safety and providing life-saving habits. We help swimmers become more aware of their movements in the water as well as their own buoyancy. As children become more self-assured, they are introduced to more advanced skills such as techniques for the competitive strokes and wall turns.

All swimming lessons in NYC have a small class student-to-instructor ratios. We believe in creating a positive, fun environment where every child feels accepted. SwimJim allows each child to learn at his or her own pace and without being compared with other students. If you feel your child needs extra one-on-one attention, we offer private and semi-private classes.

New York City Locations

Midtown West *Currently Closed*

Skyline Hotel

Address: 725 Tenth Avenue, between 49th and 50th street
Class Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Upper East Side

The Yorkshire Towers

Address: 305 East 86th Street, on 2nd Avenue
Class Days: Monday through Sunday

Upper West Side

808 Columbus

Address: 808 Columbus Avenue, between 98th and 99th street
Class Days: Monday through Sunday

Upper West Side – West End Ave

666 West End Ave

Address: 666 West End Ave, and 92nd Street
Class Days: Monday through Sunday

SwimJim Pricing, Discounts and Billing


2022 Pricing
  Monthly Pricing
(per lesson)
Single Lesson Pricing
30 Min Group Lesson $51 $63
1 Hour Group Lesson $69 $84
30 Min Semi-Private Lesson $94 $113
30 Min Private Lesson $144 $173
  • The pricing is based off the number of lessons given each month, per child, which means your monthly total may change from month to month.
  • There is a $35 annual registration fee charged once every calendar year per student.


If you have two lessons in one week, we offer a 20% discount on the second lesson. 


  • Billing occurs on the first of every month. If you wish to discontinue your lessons please submit a drop date in the customer portal prior to the first of the previous month.
  • Monthly tuition is based on the number of classes available in a calendar month. Rates will vary depending upon how many days are offered in any given month. SwimJim does not charge for holidays that we are closed. After the first initial lesson, you will be put on our recurring billing list and will continue to be automatically billed until we receive a 1 month written notice of cancellation.
  • All automatic debits will be charged automatically at the beginning of every month for the next month. If you start during a current session you will have missed our rollover period, therefore, you will be required to pay for the following session as well in order to hold your child’s class.
  • You may stop your lessons at any time by giving a 1 month written notice before the start of the next session via email. Notice of withdrawal must be done by submitting a drop request in our customer portal or can be sent via email to
  • We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your cancellation request.
  • Please note that your card will continue to be debited until we receive your notice of withdrawal.

For more information on billing, click here.

Automatic debit paperwork must be signed and turned in on or before the first lesson. If it is not turned in you will not be allowed to enter the pool.
Please note, SwimJim reserves the right to cancel/change certain class times or instructors as deemed necessary. Also, please be aware that SwimJim also offers adult swimming lessons in NYC.