Meet the SwimJim Texas Team

Juan Borrayo, Director, SwimJim- Texas

Juan has always been very involved in athletics, starting at a very young age.  Competitive swimming was just one of his favorite extra-curricular activities in which he excelled in.  Juan joined his first swim team at the age of 11 years old during the summer where he joined a summer league for his local community pool.  Every year since then Juan joined that summer league and never failed to qualify for the All-Star team.  Juan truly has a love of swimming.  For Juan, being the Director of SwimJim Texas has given him a platform where he can apply his knowledge of swimming to anyone willing to learn.  Whether your child is young, or the lessons are for you, Juan takes pride in making sure each individual gets the most out of their lessons.  Juan takes pride in knowing not only is he teaching his students how to swim, but in addition, a skill that might save their lives.  



Pam S. was born and raised on Long Island, New York and spent a lot of time on its beaches.  She’s always loved the water. She is currently helping to run the office here at SwimJim spending most of her time at the Front Desk.  She loves working with parents and their children and is committed to making their experience here the best it can be. Pam’s professional background is in Office Management and Administration which she has enjoyed for many years.  She believes that great customer service and the dedication of our qualified instructors are the keys to the continuing success of SwimJim. Pam likes to read, spend time with her grandsons, and turns into Santa at Christmas.


Sana M. grew up in New Port, California, where she would spend most of her free time at the beach. She learned to swim at a very young age and has always had a love for all water activities. Sana is currently a Client Services Coordinator and Marketing Assistant at SwimJim Swim School – Texas. Although she mostly works at the Front desk, she can from time to time be found in the pool helping with water demonstrations and promoting our non-profit organization Stop Drowning Now. Sana graduated from the University of Houston- Main Campus with a bachelors in Science, but has found her niche at SwimJim. She loves working with children and has been an advocate of children learning to swim as young as possible.


Desa B. has had a love of the water ever since she was a little girl. She spent a lot of time at the river growing up with her dad, and realized at a young age how important of a skill swimming is. Her first job was lifeguarding at her neighborhood pool and even worked as a lifeguard at Splashtown – the local waterpark. She has always loved working with children and making a difference in people’s lives. In her opinion being able to teach children and adults a lifelong skill is honestly the “coolest thing ever”! Every student should have a fun time learning to swim and our goal as swim instructors is to make sure that happens. Desa has found her niche at SwimJim Swim School and is excited to help save lives and educate parents/children about drowning prevention.


Cynthia R. graduated in 2014 and jumped right into the retail environment. Over the years she grew her customer service and sales experience, growing a passion for ensuring her clients never left feeling like they had a bad experience. Come the summer of 2018, she joined the SwimJim Houston team and has had an absolute blast. She loves working with the children attending lessons and seeing their progress grow over time. Her favorite part of her job is seeing students overcome their fears and eventually have the best time during their lessons. She feels it’s great being able to help parents keep their children safe while they’re having fun.


Rocio C. was born and raised in Houston Texas. He is currently a student at Houston Baptist University majoring in education. Rocio started lifeguarding for six years, starting at just 16 years old.  Rocio love being in and around the water and secretly thinks she is a Mermaid.


Enrique B. is currently a lifeguard and swim instructor at SwimJim Texas. He has always enjoyed swimming and staying active from a very young age. Growing up Enrique was always a part of his neighborhood swim team and has a collection of ribbons and trophies from swim meets. If not in the pool, you can find Enrique at the gym with his brothers, or with his friends at the mall. Enrique’s goal is that every student he teaches is safe around the water and has fun taking their swim lesson at SwimJim.



Trey M. has been in and around the water for as long as he can remember. Trey started swimming for fun when he was in middle school and competitively throughout his entire high school career and now is a proud instructor at SwimJim- Texas. Trey absolutely loves transforming and watching students grow from scared and anxious to happy and scare-free with the knowledge they know how to swim.


Victor B. was born and raised in Houston Texas, swimming has always been a part of Victor’s life. He has always loved to swim and has been on a swim team for most of his life. As soon as he turned 15 years old he became a lifeguard. Victor competed in swimming, water polo, and has also enjoyed playing many other sports throughout his life. Victor’s patience, love of the water, and passion in teaching kids makes him a perfect fit for the SwimJim team! Victor strongly believes in water safety and that every child and adult must know how to swim in order to avoid drownings. Victor’s positive attitude and determination to see every child succeed makes him a great swim instructor.



Maria Q. is from Cuba. Since she was a child swimming has been her passion. She is also very passionate about music and dance. She is a professional synchronized swimming athlete. After all those years as an athlete, she started to work as a synchro-swimming coach for the Cuba National team. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Synchronized Swimming. Maria moved to Houston eight years ago, and very happy to have found a home at SwimJim. She aspires to give the best of herself to her students and to all those who want to learn how to swim.


Bryan L. is SwimJim’s seasonal everyday program instructor. He started teaching at SwimJim Texas in the summer of 2017, although he learned to swim as an adult, he has come to love it as a sport and spends his down time swimming laps in the SwimJim pool. Bryan has a daughter, who is his best friend. Being parent he realizes why swim lessons and teaching water safety is so important to children.