“…a wonderful swim program in which every child receives constant praise and encouragement. Over the last eight years, I have seen my children progress remarkably, overcoming their fear of the water through the teacher’s songs and games, to learning new strokes and techniques under the guidance of instructors who push them to work hard and yet manage to have alot of fun at the same time!”

Shifrah Wassner

“I can’t remember how many times I have given out your name over the decade since we first met – so many that I lost count long ago. I do know this, however: recommending you and your swim program is a no-brainer. I don’t feel that way about many referrals (for anyone or anything!); but you have from the beginning always impressed me.
Here’s why: you clearly like and accept every kid you teach. I can’t figure out how, but you seem to do that effortlessly.
You are calm but firm, and you obviously enjoy what you do.
You deal with kids and parents sometimes in high stress situations – here I am referring to the initial panic and tantrum stage that you often must endure and work through with families without losing your cool.
You told me that you could teach any child to swim…I think it was when it took six weeks for Matt to put his face in the water when he was four!…and it is clearly a true statement.
You care about the kids, long after you are no longer teaching them swimming. You work constantly at improving your program in every way…from attending conferences to improving organization and billing practices to hiring new teachers and training them just so.
I am still amazed that you could teach my three very different children to swim especially Matt, who had many fears and wasn’t at all coordinated; and Kate, with her multiple learning disabilities and various gross and fine motor delays. It means a great deal to parents of an LD child when we find a teacher and activity that permit our child to participate effectively. It’s rare, too.
Finally, you have been most generous in donating services to a variety of schools and charities. You certainly didn’t have to do that, given how devoted your students and parents are.
I confess that I miss the old days, when you only taught at one pool and when the New York Times wasn’t writing articles about you but I certainly can’t begrudge you your success. You have earned it, in spades.”


“I first read about SwimJim in the New York Times, which raved about the program. I immediately enrolled my son, Jacob, who was 18 months at the time. Signing Jake up for lessons with SwimJim is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
From the beginning, it was clear the Jim and his staff really care about kids. It shows in the way they all strive to make swimming a truly enjoyable experience.
Unlike other swim “groups”, SwimJim works with each child’s individual learning style, using positive, nurturing coaching to gently coax children past any fear of the water. Even as the classes gradually accelerate, the focus remains attentive and personal.
Early on, Jake adored the singing and games in the “Parent and Me” classes, and I think that Jim’s teaching of ring colors through sign language is truly unique. Much to my surprise, Jake was able to dive underwater and bring up a colored ring after just a few months of lessons.
Jake, now five, can swim freestyle, backstroke (the entire length of the pool), float, dive and swim underwater with absolute confidence. Jake’s having so much fun learning that he doesn’t want to leave the pool, and wishes the class were longer.
I feel SwimJim has been integral to Jake’s physical and emotional development. To see Jake proudly beam back up at me after swimming two full pool lengths is more than enough reward for me.”

Andrea Booth