In an Emergency

What To Do If A Child Falls Into A Pool

  • Yell for help and check the scene to make sure that you can safely help the child.
  • Get the child out of the pool and onto the pool deck.
  • Check for consciousness tap and shout, “Are you okay?”
  • If someone is with you, have them call 9-1-1. Determine if the child is breathing: tilt the head back, if you don’t hear or feel breathing or see the chest rising, give 2 Rescue Breaths, then check for a pulse. Begin Rescue Breathing or CPR immediately and continue until emergency help arrives.
  • If you are alone and the child is not breathing and/or does not have a pulse, start Rescue Breathing or CPR immediately. After one minute, call 9-1-1. Return to the child and continue CPR until help arrives.
  • To prevent drowning get your baby into swimming lessons.

American Red Cross