Swimming Lessons


SwimJim takes a careful and focused approach to swimming lessons because we believe that these skills and abilities lead to life-saving habits for your children. Our process was designed to help students build their confidence in the water so they can be safe and have fun. Our classes are structured and productive, but we will also make sure that every child receives the attention they need to become skilled swimmers.

Diving In

Our first swimming lessons involve developing effective habits and techniques in the water, such as the back float, breath control, and how to react in a water emergency. These skills don’t come naturally to most children, but our method will help them gain these abilities at their own pace and start having fun as they learn. Soon, children will understand more about their movement in the water and their own buoyancy, and they will feel more comfortable learning each new technique.

We then move on to more advanced skills that include perfecting breathing, arms movement, stroke timing, and head rotation for all four competitive strokes. We can provide the foundational knowledge and skills that will stay with your children the rest of their lives. Prepare for your first lesson by checking out this list of tips of how to become a better swimmer at any age

SwimJim Classes

SwimJim offers group, private, and semi-private classes for our students. We even make “house calls” if you would prefer to receive swimming lessons in your own pool. We are committed to keeping the student-to-teacher ratio low in all these classes to ensure that every student receives the attention they need to become skilled swimmers.

We also offer swimming lessons for adults, whether you are a beginning swimmer or just want to improve some of your techniques. Most of our classes for children or adults are one-hour classes, held once a week, and our professional instructors will make sure you get the most benefit for your time in each class.

Swimming is an important, life-saving skill that everyone should have. Contact us today to get enrolled in the swimming lessons that will help develop strong skills and good habits in the water.