Swimmers | Texas

This program is an extension of SwimStars in that students continue to gain strength but are not quite ready to advance to SwimWinners. Swimmers continue to develop an understanding of how to utilize the water for proper stroke technique. Swimmers students perfect freestyle and backstroke. Expanding the child’s subconscious awareness of the aquatic environment is THE emphasis of this course. Children will improve comfort, efficiency and develop spatial awareness in the water. They are now learning how to manipulate their “center of buoyancy” (i.e. lungs) in accordance with their core body strength for propulsion in breaststroke, underwater dolphin kick, and butterfly. Arm strokes and gross motor skills become more efficient. Dives and streamlines are refined. 6 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Prerequisite: Students who have completed the SwimStars class or have the necessary skills equal to SwimStars

Skills Attained:
* Advances in emotional and physical development
* Learn spatial awareness
* Perfect freestyle and backstroke while working further on butterfly
* Introduce breaststroke

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