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Is It Safe to Swim While Pregnant?

Swimming is a great way to exercise for so many people. Water’s buoyant force makes it great for those with joint pain. It’s fantastic for anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular fitness and build muscle at the same time. … Read More

Pool Shock Basics Pool Owners Should Know

Anyone who’s been to a pool before knows that you need chemicals to keep the water balanced and sanitary. Chlorine tends to be the chemical people think of most. There’s more to keeping a pool balanced than just adding a … Read More

Tips for Choosing the Right PFD for Your Child

Safety should always be the first priority when doing anything involving your child and water. Whether you’re going swimming or enjoying a water sport, you need to make sure your child has the right Coast Guard approved personal flotation device … Read More

Should My Child Use Goggles While Swimming?

Anyone who has spent much time around pools has seen plenty of children wearing goggles as they swim. If you’re just getting your children involved in swimming, you may be wondering how important it is for your child to use … Read More

Signs That You Probably Shouldn’t Swim in That Pool

Swimming can be great fun. To get as much fun out of swimming as possible, you should only swim in safe pools. Safe pools not only increase your ability to swim safely in the moment but also protect you from … Read More

3 Amazing Benefits Swimming Offers Teens

Being a teenager is pretty tough. Whether your teenage years are behind you and you’re caring for one or you’re personally going through your teenage years, you know that this can be a challenging time. Finding the right extracurricular activities … Read More

Swimmers and Macronutrients: Getting the Fuel You Need

From a practical standpoint, food is fuel. It provides you with the energy and nutrients you need to live an active, healthy life. Getting the fuel you need is especially important for swimmers. You need a balanced blend of all … Read More

Great Cross-Training Exercises for Swimmers

Swimming is known for being a great form of exercise. Some people do a whole lot more with it than just treat it as a way to improve their fitness–they get competitive with it. Anyone who wants to be a … Read More

What You Need to Recover From an Intense Swimming Session

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Your buoyancy in the water means that it’s relatively easy on your joints. The water provides resistance that can strengthen your muscles and the continuous movement helps you strengthen your cardiovascular system. Depending … Read More

Tips for Improving Ankle Flexibility

Having an efficient kick is essential for anyone who wants to be a successful swimmer. Your feet play an important role in how efficient your kick is. For them to do their job properly, you need to have a certain … Read More