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What to Expect in a Water Aerobics Class and Why You Should Try It

If you’re looking for low-impact exercise you can do for decades to come, water aerobics may be just the workout for you. No matter your age or physical limitations, you can build muscle and endurance while cooling down in the … Read More

Common Long Distance Swims and How to Begin Training in 7 Steps

If you’re a swimmer ready to take your hobby to the next level, learning long-distance swimming is a great way to make it happen. While anyone can jump in the pool and swim laps for a daily workout, completing an … Read More

How Swimming Can Transform Your Body For the Better

People who work out regularly do it for varying reasons. They might love the high of endorphins they get when their heart rate is up. They might be trying to reduce the risk of health problems later on in life, … Read More

Recommended Swimming Goggles for You

Have you ever been swimming—whether it’s doing laps or just goofing off—and your goggles keep slipping and letting water in? Or maybe they’re too tight and uncomfortable? Are you constantly having to take them off and clear off the fogging … Read More

Public Swimming Pool Codes and Health Standards: What You Should Know

Public swimming pools are supposed to be fun, safe places for families and individuals to exercise and have some fun. While being around water can pose some risks, there are several swimming pool codes and standards in place to regulate … Read More

Are You a Beginning Swimmer? Start By Learning These Easiest Swimming Strokes

Swimming is an important skill that also offers a lifetime of fun and recreation. Because of the gentle environment, swimming is something you’ll be able to do well after your body is no longer equipped for high-impact activities like running. … Read More

Help Your Child Overcome a Fear of Drowning With Swimming Lessons at SwimJim

Children are deeply intuitive. Their natural ability to pick up on emotions is refreshing and delightful, but it can also have unintended consequences. If your child has a fear of drowning or fear of deep water, it may be a … Read More

How the Virginia Graeme Baker Act Made Swimming Safer

In the summer of 2002, a 7-year-old girl named Virginia Graeme Baker stepped into a hot tub. Then tragedy struck. She was a strong swimmer, a member of the community swim and dive teams—but that didn’t help her when she … Read More

What Do the Experts Say About How to Be Happy and What Does Swimming Have to Do with It?

Are you looking to boost your happiness or raise happier kids? Then it’s time to jump in the pool. Research shows that exercise—including swimming—typically results in a number of physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. Beyond lowering blood pressure, losing weight, … Read More

What You Need to Know About Youth Mental Health in 2019

The mind of a young child can seem like a total mystery to many adults. Though all adults went through the same stages of development, it’s nearly impossible to remember what it is like to feel such intense and unregulated … Read More