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Swimmers racing at a swim meet

How to Prepare for a Swim Meet

Swim meets are big moments for new and young swimmers. Your child has practiced for weeks, or even months, to get their fastest times, and a swim meet is their chance to show exactly how fast they’ve become. The tricky … Read More

Young boy kicking a soccer ball

The Best Sports to Keep Kids Ages 6 and Under Active

Sports play a key part in everyone’s physical and emotional health. Participating in sports helps all of us get out and move, which can also help to improve our strength, self-esteem, self-discipline, and critical thinking skills. … Read More

Father playing game with his son

5 Stages of Physical Development in Early Childhood

Some of the most important times for any person are the years she spends growing up. They can determine who she is, how well she performs, and the foundation of her personality for the rest of her life. That’s why … Read More

Woman reaching out of the pool scared

Why It is Never Too Late to Learn How to Swim

For many adults, putting on a swimsuit and heading to play in the water, whether it be on a boat, in a pool, or even a local pond or lake is terrifying. It isn’t a question of feeling embarrassed or … Read More

Girl going down water slide on a tube

Put This On Your Bucket List: Top 10 Water Parks in the World

Put This On Your Bucket List: Top 10 Water Parks in the World In the late 1950s, a man by the name of Robert Byers developed a small recreation park on the banks of the privately-owned Lake Dolores in the … Read More

Early Childhood Nutrition: What Children Need for Optimal Physical Development

Childhood obesity is growing in America and the leading cause is directly linked to the food our kids eat. Here are a few food facts for kids and what you need to know about each age group to make sure … Read More

Chlorine testing the water

Protect Your Skin from Chlorine Damage

Pools and hot tubs are treated with chlorine to make sure that water stays clean, sanitary, and safe to swim in. Chlorine takes care of any unwanted bacteria and germs that can be found in water, but it can also … Read More

Professional swimmer

Famous Black Olympic Swimmers Who Paved the Way

The Olympics are always exciting to watch. They bring the fastest and strongest from around the world to find out which nation has cultivated the best of the best. While it’s always inspiring to see what is happening with the … Read More

Children treading water

How to Tread Water

Treading water is a life-saving skill. If you or your child is ever in water, it’s important for you to be able to get to the surface of the water, catch your breath, and get enough strength to either swim … Read More

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn? Breaststroke—This stroke burns around 700 calories an hour at high intensity. Backstroke—While breaststroke is more efficient at burning calories, you may prefer the backstroke. This stroke burns around 550 calories an hour at high … Read More