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Navy Seal Swimming

Learn the Combat Sidestroke and Swim Like a SEAL

There are four major strokes used for racing: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle (crawl)—but depending on your level of strength and experience in the water as well as what you’re trying to achieve, there are more strokes you can use.  … Read More

Sidestroke swimming

How to Master the Sidestroke

The sidestroke is often overlooked by lap swimmers because it is not one of the competitive racing strokes. Some think of it as a rest stroke that was learned once upon a time when they were first learning how to … Read More

Child Doing Backstroke

Practice Makes Perfect: Mastering the Elementary Backstroke

Elementary backstroke is one of the first strokes taught. It’s a relaxing stroke that requires only the ability to float. While it is not performed competitively, the elementary backstroke is one of the eight major strokes and should not be … Read More

Kids jumping into pool

40 Fun Facts about Swimming

Swimming offers a vigorous workout and a fun way to pass a hot summer day. Many people even consider it a form of meditation, as the rhythm of stroking through the water for a while seems to lessen any problem … Read More

Holding Breath Underwater

Tips for How to Hold Your Breath Longer While Swimming

How and when to breathe is arguably the most important skill to learn when it comes to swimming. The timing and duration of your breaths impact the rhythm of your movement, which can affect your form and speed. We may … Read More


Tips for Learning the Backstroke

Some swimmers think that backstroke is a relaxing stroke. One of the biggest draws to swimming backstroke is that you get to float on your back and breathe whenever you want, rather than having to time your breath. However, backstroke … Read More


How to Do the Breaststroke

As the most popular recreational swimming style today, the breaststroke kick is one stroke every swimmer should master. Breaststroke allows you to keep your head out of the water for the majority of your time swimming, and gives you the … Read More

Deciding about swimming

When Should You Avoid Swimming?

There’s nothing more refreshing than spending a day at the pool. Whether it’s for exercise or leisure, it’s a great way to cool off and share fun moments with peers and loved ones.  However, before hitting the water, it’s important … Read More

butterfly stroke swimming

A Complete Guide to the Butterfly Stroke

The butterfly swim stroke is truly magnificent when you see it done well. Unfortunately, those incidences are few and far between. The butterfly stroke is infamous for being hard to learn, and even harder to master. Many people struggle with … Read More

Child Swimming With Floaties

Can You Go Swimming with Ear Tubes?

When it comes to swimming with ear tubes, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Below are some helpful guidelines to help you understand what they are, the measures to take, and tips to avoid swimmer’s ear for your … Read More