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Swimming for National Family Health & Fitness Day

The National Recreation and Park Association is promoting National Family Health & Fitness Day at locations all across the US. This special family exercise event is held on the second Saturday of June each year and is a great opportunity … Read More

Bridge Jumping and Cliff Jumping Tips for Safe Diving

With summertime comes a change of pace and scenery in our daily lives. With lots of sun and warm weather, there will be plenty of opportunities for water-based activities. For some, this time of year is perfect for performing adrenaline-pumping … Read More

Find the Best Swimming Lake Near You

Checking out the local lakes and diving in for a refreshing swim is a great way to keep cool during the summer months. However, if you are planning a day at the lake, make sure you plan ahead and know … Read More

Did You Dream of Swimming Last Night? Here’s What It Could Possibly Mean

Dreams are one of the long-time mysteries of the human experience. Researchers have spent centuries trying to interpret dreams, to understand why we dream, and to learn how dreams relate to our waking hours. While ancient civilizations often believed good … Read More

Making Summer Plans? Check Out the 10 Best Water Parks in the USA Wherever You Go

Summer vacation is the ultimate chance to let loose and make memories with the ones you love. And no matter where you’re headed on your summer getaway this year, the trip will be made better with a stop at one … Read More

Avoid the Causes of Skin Cancer and Pay Attention to Your Skin Exposure When Swimming Outside This Summer

For most people, spending time in the warm sunshine is synonymous with summer. Luckily, you can enjoy the pool, hikes, and other outdoor activities by following certain sun safety tips. Read on for important information about the causes of skin … Read More

Drowning Prevention: How Swimming Lessons Can Save Your Child’s Life

May is National Drowning Prevention Month, and we’re doing our part to spread awareness by teaching parents how swimming lessons can be the ultimate drowning prevention tool. Drowning Statistics Unfortunately, downing is the leading cause of unintentional death for children … Read More

Lap Swimming for Beginners and Lap Pool Etiquette You Should Know

Want to learn lap swimming for beginners? You’re in the right place. We’ve created this handy guide to teach swimming for exercise for beginners. Check out our post for lap pool etiquette and other tips as you get started with … Read More

How Swimming Gets Rid of Cellulite and Shapes and Tones Your Muscles

Just mentioning the word cellulite may cause you to groan: the lumpy, dimpled fat that often shows up on the thighs and the butt area is usually not a desirable look, and some people will try anything to get rid … Read More

What to Expect in a Water Aerobics Class and Why You Should Try It

If you’re looking for low-impact exercise you can do for decades to come, water aerobics may be just the workout for you. No matter your age or physical limitations, you can build muscle and endurance while cooling down in the … Read More