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Dryland Training for Swimmers

An important part of an athlete’s training regimen is finding workouts that will benefit them during a competition by complementing the training that is part of the sport itself. In other words, cross-training activities that will build and develop key … Read More

Happy Halloween Written In Sand

Halloween Water-Themed Costumes for Your Child

Halloween is an exciting time with little ones around! Few things get kids more excited than dressing up in a costume and trick-or-treating for a basket full of candy. However, coming up with a creative new costume idea each year … Read More

7 More Things Lifeguards Wish You Knew About Water Safety

Drowning and its risks are complex. Prevention requires some learning and might counter a lot of the common knowledge and messages we as parents receive. Here are seven tips on everything from drowning prevention and water safety to rip currents … Read More

7 Things Lifeguards Wish You Knew About Water Safety

Swimming pool child safety is a cornerstone principle of SwimJim’s swim lesson program. When safety comes first, there is a lifetime ahead of fun, health, and enjoyment. Here are seven important facts to remember about drowning risks. They are essential … Read More

How Long Will It Take My Child to Learn to Swim?

How long does it take to learn to swim? Many parents want an answer to how long it will take their child to learn to swim, and you may be one of them. Sometimes parents ask for a specific number … Read More

the physics of swimming

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Physics of Swimming

The laws of physics dominate the world around us, but we usually don’t go about our day contemplating the effects of gravity, momentum, and acceleration. But if you want to become a faster, more agile swimmer, it may be time … Read More

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Why a Swimmer’s Workout Plan Should Include Yoga

Swimming is one of the best workouts you can incorporate into your exercise routine. Everyone says it, and it’s true: swimming is easy on your joints and works multiple muscle groups while simultaneously doubling as excellent aerobic exercise. However, like … Read More

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How to Know What Kind of Swimsuit to Wear

A good workman might never blame his tools, but the right tools sure can help you get the job done faster and better. Whether you are a novice or a wonder in the water, there is such a thing as … Read More

Happy Child Swimming In The Pool

How Swimming Builds Your Child’s Self Esteem and Confidence

Children need confidence-boosting in many areas of their lives as they grow up. Confidence can receive a boost as children receive praise and positive affirmations of things they are doing well. Besides praise and positive affirmations, here are some ways … Read More

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Why Is Your Child Taking Swimming Lessons? More Than Just Physical Fitness

Parents have a huge responsibility to raise and teach their children the important lessons that they’ll take with them all their lives. One of the lessons kids need to learn is the importance of being active. Learning to be active … Read More